SEO Strategies that will Define the 2017 Landscape

The SEO industry witnessed lots of transformative developments in 2016, most of which will linger on for years to come. The trends include the emergence of video content as a powerful force in B2C brands and industries; clear lead by mobile optimization over desktop optimization, auto-indexing of social content and growing prominence of links in Apps. These advances did not come as a surprise because success in internet marketing requires an appraisal of trends and deduction of what’s not working from time to time. Looking forward to 2017, content marketers have a lot of good points to pick from the previous year. The lessons that will define 2017 include:

1. Emergence of smarter content marketers
Success in implementing smart content marketing strategies demands that marketers check, test and refine the analytics as needed. In 2016, B2C content marketers and B2B content marketers reported more success in their endeavors than in previous years. The resulting effect saw a net increase in the content marketing budgets across the industry.

2. Email remains the number 1 content distributing channel
Although content sharing is crucial to the success of content marketing, email remains the killer app. Indeed the best strategies for promoting blog posts in the order of importance ranks email outreach, emailing subscribers, forum posting and social media promotion at the top. Email also ranks highly when it comes to B2B content promotion and B2C marketing.

3. UGC will define content marketing
Users are increasingly discarding advertising, mass media and a large number of branded content for information recommended by their peers. User Generated Content (UGC) can take a variety of forms, including online reviews, influencer marketing strategies, video content, customer centered advocacy and information sharing. If you have a genuine products and services up for discussion, proper placement of UGC can increase the level of engagement and conversions. This strategy can be implemented by encouraging users to participate in discussions and leave reviews.

4. Mobile will continue to reign
Research has shown that more web traffic is emanating from mobile devices compared to desktops. This growth stems from consumer habits and popularity of Google searches. Some of the most recent changes Google has implemented to accommodate mobile searches include the introduction of mobile friendly update, increase in mobile friendly snippets and advances in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

5. Trust builds content
Users need to trust your content to consume it wholeheartedly. The reason why content marketing works is because it is built on the strong foundation of trust. Content marketers can slowly win over audiences by creating and distributing useful and entertaining content. However, the success of this strategy depends on several factors, key among them; getting your facts rights, using a trusted publisher, picking out spelling errors and avoiding the temptation to mislead your audience.

Prepping the local Market for the Future
The changes and dynamics shaping SEO, means content marketers must find the most effective SEO strategies and tools to connect people. Locally, Indianapolis SEO content marketers must train their sights on meeting the expectations of businesses by locking in the audiences within and in the wider market through effective audience content marketing. With eyes on 2017, Indianapolis SEO companies must keep their eyes on new trends while taking stock of the past in order to come out on top.